1972 HONDA CB750K2 - $15,500

We have taken our time with the restoration of this motorcycle. Due to the relatively good condition the motorcycle was in when originally acquired we deliberated over weather we should do a full strip down restoration or leave in an original condition. We decided to do both. The engine and gearbox are in excellent condition along with allot of other components. So what we did do is detailed below.


The restoration involved

  • Full restoration of fuel tank 
  • Painting of fuel tank and side covers
  • New Battery
  • Polish front forks, side covers and cam cover
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Dyna Coils and Silicon High Tension leads
  • New Spark Plugs
  • New indicators front and rear
  • Re-chrome rear fender
  • New rear tail light lens
  • Complete refurbishment of front forks, including new inner fork legs, progressive springs and oil seals.
  • New rear shocks in black rather than chrome. Progressive springs and adjustable dampening.
  • Full restoration of speedometer and tachometer
  • Front brake caliper fully refurbished, including ceramic paint, new seals and brake pad
  • New close to original front brake master cylinder
  • New hand grips
  • New throttle cables
  • Oil, oil filter and air cleaner all replaced and new
  • Air box to carby rubbers new
  • Carbies fully rebuilt
  • New Handlebars
  • New throttle
  • Steering head bearings
  • Lots of new rubber components
  • and much much more

As a consequence of the modifications that we have carried out with the suspension the bike handles extremely well. Front forks look original, rears are certainly different than stock but also look the part. Upgrading to a full electronic ignition system provides trouble free starting, better performance right through the rev range and far better fuel economy. Best of all, absolutely no maintenance, as there are not points to wear out or adjust.


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 A little bit about the 1972 Honda CB750K2

The CB750K introduced in 1969 divided the history into before and after. First mass-produced four-cylinder, world’s first production streetbike with hydraulic disc brake. That’s Honda’s original superbike. For years the rumors of a production of a four-cylinder had floated through the annual motorcycle shows, however, it was not believed that it would be released. They all said that it would be “too complex”, or “too heavy” or “too expensive”. They were all wrong and Honda managed to show them all, with a sohc four-cylinder production motorcycle that required less maintenance than the typical English single, and at 480 pounds weighed less than some twins at the time. Most of all, they had to admit that its $1495 price tag was a steal.


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