1975 HONDA CB750K5 - $17,550

The motorcycle is a full import. We are going to perform a ground up restoration back to as near as orginial condition as possible.


The tank and side covers have been restorated already back to orginial condition.


  • Painting the tand and side covers.
  • New side cover emblems.
  • New original seat.
  • New exhaut system.
  • Fully refurbished front forks which include revaluing, respringing and oil weight to suit.  This includes recromed inner fork legs and ceramic coating outer fork legs.
  • Ceramic coated front brake calliper.
  • New tyres.
  • New chain and sockets.
  • New wiring loom.
  • New rear mud gaurd and front mud guard.
  • Fully refurbished speedo and tacho.
  • And much more......


What you should know about this motorcycle

  • We have painted the tank and side covers
  • It runs extremely well and has very good compression
  • Second gear is worn and would most likely need to be refurbished however bike can still be ridden quite safely


We started to restore the Honda but have decided to offer the bike as is, since some collectors prefer the original aged appearance.


Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.


A little bit about the 1975 Honda CB750K5

The CB750K introduced in 1969 divided the history into before and after. First mass-produced four-cylinder, world’s first production streetbike with hydraulic disc brake. That’s Honda’s original superbike. For years the rumors of a production of a four-cylinder had floated through the annual motorcycle shows, however, it was not believed that it would be released. They all said that it would be “too complex”, or “too heavy” or “too expensive”. They were all wrong and Honda managed to show them all, with a sohc four-cylinder production motorcycle that required less maintenance than the typical English single, and at 480 pounds weighed less than some twins at the time. Most of all, they had to admit that its $1495 price tag was a steal.


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