Classic Motorcycle Shed is owned by Ben Bateman - a motorcycle enthusiast since a very young age.


Ben has been working with and restoring motorcycles for the most part of his life. In 2006, Ben decided to pursue his passion full time by starting his motorcycle repair business in Phillip Island, Victoria.


When Ben came across a classic 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 – the first road motorcycle he ever owned – he was inspired to start a classic motorcycle restoration business. Out of this inspiration, the Classic Motorcycle Shed was born in late 2011.


Ben believes that classic motorcycles help people to relive the days of their youth. He avidly believes that the rare and tangible nature of classic motorcycles makes them a safe and stable investment. Ben wants to give you the opportunity to relive your youth, while investing in your future through classic motorcycling.


Classic Motorcycle Shed offers:

  • restored motorcycles for sale
  • restoration of your own classic motorcycle
  • repairs and maintenance for your classic motorcycle
  • sourcing of classic motorcycle parts
  • domestic pick-up and international shipping services (at the buyer’s expense)



"I travel from Venus Bay up to Rhyll as Ben provides an Honest, reliable and informative service which you just can’t find elsewhere."

Bob from Venus Bay.


"Ben has vast experience and treats my bikes as if they are his own. I have complete confidence in his abilities"

Mic from Phillip Island


"I have had nothing but trouble with my Triumph until I met with Ben. His diagnostic abilities are legendary and he fixed my bike first time around."

Jimmy from Phillip Island


"Have owned this Honda for some time now and it has never run properly. Ben diagnosed the faults, sourced parts and repaired it very promptly. What a great mechanic, a rare one indeed."

Steve from Mt Waverly