1976 KAWASAKI KZ900-A4 - $15,500

Classic Motorcycling Shed has on offer a beautifully restored bottle green 1976 KZ900-A4 with very low miles. Ben Bateman’s first ever road motorcycle was a KZ900 and for nostalgic reasons he has spent long hours meticulously restoring this motorcycle to look and run as good as new.


Things you should know about this motorcycle:

  • It was imported from the US in excellent condition
  • It has only done 9,450 miles
  • No modifications have been made to this motorcycle
  • The motorcycle has perfect compression
  • Original owner’s manual, warranty card and safety brochure come with it


The restoration involved:

  • Repainting to the original bottle green colour
  • Full rebuild, synching and turning of carburators
  • Rebuild of front forks
  • Replacement of front and rear break pads
  • Replacement of fuel lines
  • Replacement of vacuum lines
  • Engine and break fluids changed
  • New stickers and side cover emblems
  • New seat
  • New chain and sprockets
  • New front and rear tyres
  • New battery
  • New spark plugs
  • New head stem bearings
  • New air filter
  • Polishing of the side covers, forks and carburator


KZ900-A4’s History

In 1973, Kawasaki released the 903cc Z1 which was considered to be a menace to society. With its quad pipes, brutish swooping lines and brown/orange colour scheme, the big Kawasaki looked like a heavy weight boxer dressed in a root beer suit out for a night on the town.


Nothing like the Z1 had ever been seen before and it quickly won the hearts and minds on the street and in the press. 1,500 Z’s started rolling off the production line every month and disappeared so fast that Kawasaki employees couldn’t even get their hands on one through the employee discount program.


The Z1 had no competition at the time since no other motorcycle came close to the power, reliability and brute style afforded by this reigning superbike. The Z1 positioned Kawasaki as the leading builder of muscular, sophisticated four-stroke motorcycles. The Zed was the alpha bike and the road lay open before it.


The K1 was eventually retagged as the KZ900-A4 with some minor changes including tuning alterations and smaller carbs to refine the bike’s raw grunt. “Riding a KZ900 today precipitates a case of adult-onset deja vroom”.


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